How to Study for Semester I History/Civics MCQ Examination | By Avantika Srivastava | ICSE StudyMate

Avantika Srivastava, a 97.8% scorer in her own ICSE examination, explains how you need to prepare to score well in your MCQ-based History/Civics Semester I examination with exclusive tips and ideas. ICSE StudyMate is an initiative by experienced ICSE alumni. We help you with studying tips, strategies, hacks, planners, study material, and a lot more – for FREE. We know just how time-consuming and tiresome ICSE can be. So, we bring you a platform where you can get help from a team of scholars dedicated to help you score better. #ICSE #Class10Science #Class10Commerce #StayHomeAndLearn #BoardExam2022 #OnlineClasses Online Notes | Board Exam 2022 | Teach Online | At Home Learning | Online Classes | Online Coaching | English | Literature | Language | Mathematics | History & Civics | Geography | Hindi | Physics | Chemistry | Biology | Commercial Studies | Economics | Commercial Applications | Home Science | Computer Applications

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