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Talent Mate

Earn money just by showing your talent. If you think you’re talented, this is the space for you. From singing or comedy to magic or photography, you can upload any kind of video or post to participate.

Self Mate

We love promoting exceptional artists, professionals, businesses, startups and everything unique. If you think you’re unique, this is the space for you. You can also read, listen and watch stories of such people here for free!

Express Mate

Do you often feel like starting a blog or podcast to express yourself/your opinions? Then this is the space for you. Speak or write your heart out! This is not just confined to literary content. You can publish any type of research or other work. Try it out because it’s free!

Connect Mate

We connect you with your potential interns, employers, freelancers or client. But what makes us different is that we really protect your privacy. Give it a shot, it’s free registration!

Study Mate

Yes, we know you weren’t ready for academics here but don’t worry we are here to simplify your studies! In this space, we help you connect with the students who have cracked the exam that you're preparing for. If you’re a mentor, we help you find your students. Enter this space to find out the ultimate solution to academics.

Mate Gala

Party, Fun, Music, Games, Friends and everything exciting is what you’ll find here. This community is for the OG “Mates” to socialize and find out their perfect set of tribes. Get help from people and share your knowledge from careers to arts to academics, you’ll find Like-Minded Mates here. Try it out because again, it’s free!