Do you like the idea of Mates Galaxy?

Get a chance to experience the working!

Who is it for?

It is open for anyone who is passionate! From school to college students or from graduates to college drop outs, anyone is free to join!
You could bring any skill or interest you have! Love making memes? Join our meme team! Like interacting with new people from various fields? Join our PR or HR team! Good at graphic designing or editing? Help us with our website and social media posts! We have a lot more in box to enhance your skills!

Why should you join?


All the top performers will receive a Letter of Recommendation for future internships and other purposes. If you are a student, this will greatly help you for college applications and other internships.


You will receive a certificate which will surely enhance your CV! Plus, you will also get to work in teams and understand the corporate structure but in a very flexible manner!



We assure you will have mad fun with all the crazy things we do while working! Besides you will also get a chance to enhance your skills and create a strong network with talented people across the country!

It's not just another random internship,
you will have the best experience here!

Contact us if you need any help while applying!

Instagram: @matesgalaxyofficial