About MG

Mates galaxy is a space for uniquessness and creativity. It is a space for people who think differently. We aim to promote talent, ideas, people & businesses. We connect people and provide a platform to perform and express.

Know more about each planet below!

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Here are the details of what we do!

Talent Mate: It aims to promote talented people and help them earn money using their talent. Win up to Rs.1,00,000/- just by showing talent. Click here for more.

Self Mate: Here, we promote exceptional artists, professionals, small businesses, start-ups, and everything unique and self-made. You can also get investments and business mentoring for your personal start-ups. Click here for more.

Connect Mate: It helps people to get the right career opportunities by connecting firms, interns, job seekers, and employers together. This planet also helps you find the perfect freelancers and clients for your work. What’s unique here is that the users’ privacy is maintained throughout. Click here for more.

Express Mate: Here, we give an opportunity to express your opinions using blogs and podcasts. The content can vary from literary to legal to technical. You can also publish your work or get your assignments done! Click here for more.

Study Mate: In this space, we help students connect with the best mentors for their respective exams. We also help mentors find students and create an ultimate solution for students. You can also get career counselling and other academic advice here! Click here for more.

Mate Gala: As the name suggests, this planet is all about socializing and meeting like-minded people to exchange ideas. We aim to create a community where people can help and find solutions to problems together while having fun, playing games, watching movies, and showcasing their talent. Click here for more.