98.2% ICSE Topper P. Iyer’s Advice | How to Prepare in the Next Two Months

P. Iyer, a 98.2% scorer, gives advice and ideas that will help students prepare for their upcoming Semester I Examination in the next two months. These two months will be crucial for students and should be utilized in the methods given by P. Iyer in the video so as to score as much as possible. Link to the PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cYEVTMgfnx_WwtvjjMhAP4pT15O4I8H3/view?usp=sharing ICSE StudyMate is an initiative by experienced ICSE alumni. We help you with studying tips, strategies, hacks, planners, study material, and a lot more – for FREE. We know just how time-consuming and tiresome ICSE can be. So, we bring you a platform where you can get help from a team of scholars dedicated to help you score better. #ICSE #Class10Science #Class10Commerce #StayHomeAndLearn #BoardExam2022 #OnlineClasses Online Notes | Board Exam 2022 | Teach Online | At Home Learning | Online Classes | Online Coaching | English | Literature | Language | Mathematics | History & Civics | Geography | Hindi | Physics | Chemistry | Biology | Commercial Studies | Economics | Commercial Applications | Home Science | Computer Applications

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