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Ultra Virus
Ultra Virus is an independent electronic music producer. He was featured on some major Spotify Editorial Playlists a number of times. He has also worked and got featured on one of the leading YouTube channels of electronic music in India, Turban Trap.
Instagram ID – @ultravirusmusic 
Email ID – contactultravirus@gmail.com
Ultra Virus considers this as his greatest work till date.

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IMG_20210205_193726_375 - Hot Frost Creative
Atharva Taras

Atharva Taras, better known as Hot Frost is a CG artist based in Pune, India. Most of his work is done in 3D, and is based around massive, surreal dreamscape environments, or abstract and generative designs. He claims that as a child he was not all good at drawing, painting or doing anything artistic for that matter, but now he seems to have realized that pencils and paintbrushes weren’t the ideal tools for him to express his creativity. He started his journey in summer of 2020 during the pandemic, after getting inspired by a random YouTube video that he had come across. Ever since then, he has been exploring and experimenting with different styles and genres. His work has been recognized at both national and international levels, and has been featured by Vice, H+ Creative Los Angeles, Nifty Labs, The NFT Newsletter and SomniumSpace to name a few. He was also one of the first 15 spotlight artists at WazirX NFT, India’s first and south Asia’s largest crypto art marketplace. He is currently pursuing his engineering degree, whilst working as a freelance/part time artist for various companies and plans to somehow merge both skillsets to come up with something unique one day.

Instagram – @hotfrost_ 
Twitter – @HotFrost_
Email – hotfrostcreative@gmail.com 
Website – https://hotfrostofficial.wixsite.com/hotfrost 
LinkedIn – Atharva Taras
Atharva considers that the following interview will give a detailed insight about his work and his journey.

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Appreciating Uniqueness