Hola Mate! Before you begin, you need to know a few quick rules mentioned here!

Rules for Talent Mate

Make sure that content you post is original/you own the copyrights of the same. In case it is found that the content does not belong to you, you will be banned from using any services of the website thereafter. 
The time span of the competition is 6 months and you are expected to reach your target within these six months. In case you fail to do so, it is upon the discretion of the organization with regards to extension of your competition span. The organization also has the discretion regarding deleting your video or letting it stay after the competition is over.
There are several categories of competitions with different cash prizes depending upon the number of likes you receive. Make note that once you’ve selected a competition, under no circumstances will it be changed. So, make sure that you select wisely.
We will be uploading the video on the website via a YouTube redirect link. For the purpose of the competition (for website platform), only the likes obtained on the website: matesgalaxy.com will be considered and not the ones on the YouTube platform. Similarly, for the purpose of Instagram and YouTube platform competition, only the likes obtained on Instagram and YouTube will be considered respectively. Please note: The submissions may be used by the organization for promotional purposes. The likes obtained on these promotions will not be considered for the sake of the competition.
The monetary award will be granted when you accomplish the number of likes within 6 months. You can also request for withdrawal of half the reward on achieving half of your target. The participant shall receive a certificate of appreciation regardless of whether they could accomplish their target or not.
Any content which is unlawful, obscene, violent or may hurt the feelings of others will not be posted. Refrain from submitting such content. Furthermore, the website is at a discretion as to whether to post your content or not even if your content does not fall under the above mentioned categories.